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Best advice for my situation please

I have recently resigned from a position and now I am in a financial bind so to speak. When I took the job, my employer paid for three years of training up front (approximately $8,000) and now they want me to repay them. I was not given a specific timeline or amount to start paying… Read More »

I need a game plan!

I could really use some advice. We have 70K in credit card debt across four cards (3 Chase, 1 Bank of America). Most of that was to complete two international adoptions and to fix major house issues. Some of it was stupidity… well, actually all of it was stupidity. We should not have gone into… Read More »

Question about filing bankruptcy

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind the past year or more whether I should or should not file bankruptcy. I finally had a friend give me someone to talk to that would be honest with me. His suggestion is that I find a place to rent, file bankruptcy in which he has… Read More »

Sounds like your income is low right now

Also, sorry, duh, just saw your budget. Sounds like your income is low right now because of economy not choice, so yeah, part-time work would help. Even just delivering pizzas. Agree completely with Jill. Your car payment is WAY too high. If you can, I suggest you sell the car and buy a used one.… Read More »

I hope I didn’t make you feel defensive

I hope I didn’t make you feel defensive. I’m just throwing out ideas willy-nilly. Sounds like you’re in a really tough spot and doing the best you can. It also sounds like you’re looking for solutions. And honestly, that’s how you’ll get out of this depressing mess. Just stay strong, stay on point, and you’ll… Read More »

Creditors will settle for less than what you owe

Creditors will settle for less than what you owe, but only if you have the money to pay them when you settle. It doesn’t sound like you do–at least not until you get your settlement. Also, something to think about, is it wise to spend your settlement on paying off the cc companies? If you… Read More »

What if I’ve lost my income?

What if I’ve lost my income? Is a loan modification possible then? We’re not underwater, so I feel the bank is less likely to by sympathetic since we won’t walk away. I’d like to keep our home and feel that eventually we’ll be working again, but we need help through this difficult time. I can’t… Read More »

Call your mortgage company and tell them

Call your mortgage company and tell them you are having a hardship and want to know if a loan modification is possible. I did it with my HELOC and got the 3 parts of my HELOC reduced as follows for 1 year:7.29% down to 3% 8.29% down to 3% 3.4% down to 3%. In addition… Read More »

There is website that you can check out about

There is website that you can check out about the new stimulus plan that will kick in on March 4th. It is If you have a loan that is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you might be able to refer to a fixed rate 15 or 30 yr loan at the current interest rate.… Read More »

It Really Does Make A Difference

I do something similar, and it really does make a difference. I pay all my bills twice a month, as soon as I get paid. I divide all my payments in half (plus add $10 extra to each CC minimum) and pay that amount. The card I’m working to pay off first gets every other… Read More »

Loan Modification Question

After doing some research on our finances regarding our ARM mortgage, I have come to the conclusion that we need to do a loan modification. When I had talked to the refinance guy a couple of months ago he said my FICO score was not high enough to qualify for a refinance. After looking on… Read More »