I hope I didn’t make you feel defensive

By | October 14, 2015

I hope I didn’t make you feel defensive. I’m just throwing out ideas willy-nilly.

Sounds like you’re in a really tough spot and doing the best you can. It also sounds like you’re looking for solutions. And honestly, that’s how you’ll get out of this depressing mess. Just stay strong, stay on point, and you’ll start to pull out and start to see results.

Since you have cable, here’s something to think about. Dave Ramsey has a daily TV show. Suze Orman has a show on Saturday nights. They also both have written books. What I did when I started along the road to debt freedom was read everything I could borrow from the library. Mostly for inspiration and moral support if nothing else. Because there are two things you need to seriously cement in your brain.

1) You’re not alone–there are so many of us with you in this boat that it’s not even funny. So lean. Lean hard if you need to. We’ll all be there.

2) You can do this. You can figure out a plan to get yourself out of this situation. Whether that’s calling up your creditors or simply getting on a plan that puts you a little closer to the black every month, you CAN do this. Because plenty of people who aren’t as smart as you have. And with everything you have going in your life, the one thing you definitely have is sheer determination to power ahead.

So that’s it. Not step by step solutions. But hopefully a little bit of moral support. Because, guess what, I’m in debt too. And I can only do so many things to get out of it. And today, I spent $1500 to find out that my sick pet was unsaveable and so after spending $1500, I still have one less pet. So I will not reach my goal. But that’s okay. Every day, the world tries to beat you down. Your job is to rise above it. And frankly, from what you’ve said, you’ve done that. 🙂

You have some good ideas. I don’t have a way to record the shows which are often on late. I have to get up about 4 am so staying up past 9 at night is not an option unless i have the next day off. I work weekends. I’ve also taken the plunge and registered for Ramsey’s financial peace class at a nearby church. It’s also the first time a session has been in a church close enough for me to attend easily.

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